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About us

Our Background


S-E-C  has been creating custom built cars and motorcycles in various designs since 2006 and are proud to have won numerous awards and been featured in various magazines, TV shows and over the Internet. 

S-E-C is run by Marky Wolf, the UK's most eclectic automotive customizer who has over 25 years experience in the industry, producing a range of styles to completely different vehicles,


 Wolf designs & engineers vehicles that are functional, stylish and some that are just crazy.

 Those projects get branded as 

"Bitten by the Wolf

Our Services


  • Custom Car Builds
  • Custom Motorbike Builds
  • Bespoke 1 of a kind Fabrications / Custom Panel Builds
  • Body Kit Installations
  • Custom Paint, Candy, Pearls etc
  • Plasti-dip peelable paint for small panels not full cars
  • Vinyl Wrapping
  • Tinting Lights
  • Suspension Modifications
  • ICE installations
  • Mechanical and Body Repairs 
  • Accident Management
  • Fleet Management

Our Projects


Over the past 17 years we have produced numerous  modifications and project builds ranging from Showcars, Kit Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle, Modified Street and Track Racers to Choppers, Cafe Racers, Sportsters, Streetfighters, Superbikes and Rat Bikes which are available to view via our gallery YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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Automotive Repair Services

Accident Repairs


We offer a comprehensive range of services, including scratch repairs, dent repairs, panel beating and respray. 

We offer all aspects of accident repairs for a wide range of car makes and models.

In addition to motorcycles and cars, we can also undertake repair work for vans / light commercial vehicles.

We have a state-of-the-art spray booth with oven bake which is large enough to fit motor homes. 

We mainly deal with private repairs but if you are looking to go through your Insurance then

You don’t need to worry about contacting your insurance company as our accident management service will take it over everything

 From helping you get an insurance claim number, providing you with a like for like courtesy car, to contacting engineers, getting approval to perform the work that is necessary and personal injury claims.

Whether it’s fault or non-fault, we can restore your vehicle back to its original form.  

Mechanical Repairs



  • Servicing / Engine Repairs
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Diagnostics / Engine Checks
  • Brakes / Tyres / Laser Wheel Alignment
  • Clutch / Gearbox Repairs
  • Timing Belts
  • General Maintenance

  • MOT's Arranged

Fleet Management


Repairs for a fleet of vehicles can be very time consuming. 

Finding a company that can deal with your whole fleet is an even bigger task.

 Whether you run a distribution or vehicle hire company, our services are perfect for you.


We have a wealth of experience when dealing with fleets and can offer accident repair services as well as vehicle maintenance.

You don't have to worry about a thing. 

Automotive Modification Services

Custom Paints



Personalizing your car is just that – you’re making it fit your personality. 

Owner's go to great lengths to take their motor from characterless to conspicuous, and in many different ways, including engine tuning, overhauling the interior and fitting a ground-shaking sound system.

But it’s guaranteed that if there’s one thing to make your car stand out, and to put your soul on display, it’s a custom paint job.

Vinyl Wrapping


 Vinyl wraps are an easy and affordable alternative to a vehicle paint re-spray. With large sheets of adhesive vinyl our highly experienced fitters are able to cover any vehicle from bumper to bumper with a new colour, printed advert, company graphics or even a crazy 1 of a kind design. 

Body Kit Installations


 There are many companies who manufacture aftermarket body kits and styling products, some are better than others,  

Our advice when buying a body kit is to ensure the company you are buying from offers a good no quibble exchange or returns policy as body kits are not 'original parts' and so the fitment to your vehicle can be very different.  

Higher quality body kits are generally designed to fit straight on and so require less work for the installation. 

 With body kits the general rule is the more you spend on the actual body kit the less you'll pay when it comes to fitting.

Custom Motorcycle Builds



As sweet as it is to own a flawless motorcycle, there are also all those annoying things about standard bikes that get right under the rider's skin…

things like that weak exhaust note, a big, ugly rear fender, protruding turn signals, factory colors ect so over the years many riders decide to personalize their bikes to stand out from the rest.

We can assist you in either part or full builds from frame fabrications to colour changes 

Bespoke 1 of a kind Fabrications / Custom Panel Builds



Sometimes you cant find what you are looking for to make your vehicle stand out, or simply don't want to buy something someone else already has.

Anything is possible although sometimes unpractical, but given enough time and skill the possibilities are endless.

Whatever it is you want created we can fabricate it: Metalwork, fiberglass and plastics we can manipulate them all into whatever use you require.

Custom Car Builds


Be it a Show car, Kit car, Race car or just your everyday car

 We offer complete car body modifications and styling from a subtle body kit, to the complete customized look including  bonnet vents, roof scoop, spoiler, alloys, door conversions, panel fabrications, colour changes, and sound systems  

 All conversions are taken very seriously and we aim to make any dream come true for our customers. 



Bitten by the Wolf

The MG Art Car

Check out this great video

UK Showcar aka Project Spicy

Check out the full build of this Porsche Boxster from start to finish then see it on display at the UK's top motoring shows and events!

Custom Harley Davidson

This Custom Harley Davidson gets Candy Emerald Green Paint & Custom Detailing

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